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That's me

Lately I've been thinking about how unlucky I am,
How sad this all is, how bad this all is,
All I have been doing is constantly complaining,
But as I think harder, look deeper,
Look at my achievements, my awards,
I realise, I did well in the past,
And I will just have to make those memories last.
As I sit and think about my life today,
All I am doing is let the happy memories slip away,
Not the memory of love and pain,
Not the memory of precious gain,
But the memory of what I was told,
The memory I let go and did not keep hold,
What I was told that sad, sad day,
The memory I let fade away,
Now that I remember what I was told,
I think, why am I complaining,
It is like the sun being out while it is raining,
Now, I am thankful,
Not ungrateful,
I appreciate,
Not hate,
My life, my path, my fate.

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